Thursday, September 5, 2013

Platform gamifies IT recruitment in the Philippines

Gild Source is one platform that helps recruiters find professional coders by automatically grading their script, and now Philippines-based Codetoki is helping companies find the right IT specialists by getting them to complete challenges based on the role. Having recently been named first place in the Microsoft-sponsored Apps for Asia event, one of the aims of Codetoki is to provide a platform for the number of skilled IT workers who are struggling to find work in the country, or outside of it. By partnering with IT and business process outsourcing companies and offering role-specific tasks, the site enables graduates and professionals to search the available openings, take the challenge and see if they’re suitable for the role. If they are, they earn a badge and the recruiter is notified. There is also a leaderboard to help companies easily see who the best performing candidates are. From here they can decide if they want to offer the user an interview. Codetoki essentially acts a screening tool for businesses who receive lots of applications from workers who may not be qualified. However, users can also benefit from taking the challenges, with the chance to become a Microsoft Student Partner.

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