Thursday, September 5, 2013

Augmented reality platform enables consumers to virtually try before they buy

There have been numerous efforts to make augmented reality more than just a technological gimmick – from digital museum learning aids to virtual outdoor supermarkets. Now, France-based Augment is hoping to make it a useful sales tool for enabling consumers to see how products will look before they commit to buying. Designed as a presentation platform for e-commerce businesses, the consumer app uses augmented reality technology to virtually place 3D models of products into physical locations. The company hopes that – by placing the Augment logo on printed material – users will be encouraged to scan it using their smartphone or tablet to bring the products to life. Consumers can see what products look like from all angles, and even visualize it in life-size scale in a room. The platform could make print campaigns more engaging and provide better product demonstrations for online shoppers, helping to boost sales and reduce return rates, according to the company.

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