Thursday, September 5, 2013

Magnetic clip keeps smartphones secure and portable

While the MIAmobi smartphone case has provided a way to protect the data the devices hold, those who want to rid themselves of cumbersome bags may need another solution if they still want to keep their handset on them. Clipless is an easy-to-use fastener that enables the attachment of smartphones to any surface or fabric. The Clipless comes in three parts – a slim connector that can be affixed to the flat surface on the back of most smartphones, the Clipless device and a high-power magnetic disc. Users place the disc underneath the fabric they would like to clip their handset to and the Clipless device on the other side. They can then slide the smartphone onto the clip and the magnet is strong enough to keep the phone in place, even while doing rigorous activities such as jogging. Clipless enables users to keep their device safe without the need for pockets or a bag. The product means that smartphones – and even tablets – can be kept on the fridge or securely mounted on a car dashboard. The magnetic parts are also shielded so they don’t interfere with sensitive objects such as credit cards and laptops.

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